Real facts About Soft Drinks

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Soft drinks are counted as huge part of the market and also act as a dominant force for increasing profit in the business world. Each year people spend billions of dollars for consuming them. These sugar filled treats are famous in all over the world on every event.

On average, almost every one in five people drinks one soda every day. They represent themselves in such beautiful way over the televisions and other advertising Medias that it is hard to resist them in our meals.

The overall history of soft drink and sodas is every eye-catching. They attract the number of customers by telling them very interesting stories. They focus on marketing their beverages. We will share some real nutrition facts about these soft drinks with you. After reading this you will change your way of thinking about soft drinks.

While eating, there are some combinations you should avoid. Whatever the case is, never combine soda and coffee. Always give at least 1 -2 hrs gap while having these two drinks.Nutrition in these soft drinks is not good for your health. These have consisted of bad nutrients and fats.

But this combination of soda and coffee was release in 2006. The main idea was to create coffee flavored soda which was referred as coca cola black soda drink.  The plan was that this idea will cover the huge market of coffee drinking people and results in generating huge revenue. But it did not go as planned. In almost 2009, approximately after two years, there were no traces left of coca cola black.

After that, a lot of weird flavors was launched to experience what people like more, but that black soda is still out.

There are many soda flavors in the world, two flavors ended up making lots of progress and move ahead of the rest. These two flavors are Pepsi and coca cola. Especially coca cola is famous worldwide.

Soft Drinks

These two companies become real competitors and true arrival for other beverages. Some people researched about which brand is more famous among people and the result actually comes to a draw.

Even in 2007, some kind of blind taste experiment was also conducted to make sure which one is most liked by the people. When the people was unaware of the beverage they are taking, they all preferred and choose Pepsi over the coke. And some of them who recognized which drink they were having they all preferred to take coke.

Although these beverages are getting extreme popularity among people, still these beverages are very dangerous for human health. Even some sodas and drinks are referred as an energy drink and diet drink, also used to increase strength like the sports drink but all of these drinks are very dangerous for both boys and girls. As these drinks are filled with artificial sugar so it can really affect your health and might also result in weight gain. Having a great amount of these drink also increases the risk of having diabetes and other sugar-related diseases.

Nutrition facts tell that these drink also results in increasing obesity and weight, people who get these beverages are capable of gaining 27 % more weight as compared to people who does not.

On average rate, Americans consume almost 22 tablespoons of sugar but the recommended amount is only 5- 9 table spoon for a normal healthy person. And for a diabetic person, it is different.

As people are eagerly including sodas and other soft drink in their diet on the daily basis that is why milk intake are getting reduced each day.

7up along with Dew and other beverages are used to recover mental illness and also help to relax the users and also help to reduce gastric related issues. This drink is widely consumed to increase digestion rate in all over the world among young as well as old people.

Overall soft drinks are not commonly considered health hazard sort of drinks, still, we need to be very careful in their consumption combinations and intake quantities as well.


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