What are the Nutrition Facts of Egg Yolk?

Egg Yolk

Nutrition facts of egg yolk and its value in our healthy diet is definitely important and so eating it certainly gets a thumbs up. Find out more with us…..

The Egg yolk, it is the yellow portion of the egg is prepared with a mixture of nutrients. It does not matter how you would like to eat egg yolk. Whether egg yolk is in raw form or cooked, it gives nutrients in extensive amounts. Most considerably, it is stumpy in salt content, just 8 mg of sodium is included in 1 egg yolk. It’s really no wonder, egg yolk nutrition facts shape that this yellow part of the egg is a healthy choice for you…


Nutrition Facts of Egg Yolk

A raw egg yolk full with the following nutrients:

While vitamin C is not present in egg yolk, but, it has vitamin B12 and vitamin E in large amounts. A raw egg yolk is said to cover 0.331 mcg of vitamin B12 or 0.684 mg of vitamin E. The Vitamin A content is also important (245 IU) and then utilization of egg yolk can care for your eyes from age-related chaos.
If you are thinking sunlight is the only natural source of vitamin D, you are wrong. Because, nutrition facts of egg yolk show that it is one of the some foods that contain with vitamin D naturally.

An easy way to boost up your protein intake during your breakfast or lunch as well, you have to take egg yolk. Protein in egg yolk is found in substantial amounts, for this reason eating eggs is considered good for your healthy lifestyle. As it is a large source of protein, it will definitely help to keep your weight and health in good shape. 1 egg yolk can provide about 2.7 gm of protein. So, think about its protein content, egg yolk nutrition facts and value are certainly high.

As we know that Calcium is an important element for our bones. Egg yolk nutrition facts say that it is a good source of calcium. Including calcium in your healthy diet is important to keep your bones healthy, strong and increase your work capacity. If you will take 1 egg yolk in your breakfast, surely your body gains about 22 mg of calcium.

Carbohydrate is a necessary part of our daily diet. Egg yolk contain with 0.61 g of carbohydrates.

This is one of the major factors that everybody wants to know… how much fats in foods that we are consuming isn’t good or bad??? But, egg yolk loaded with 4.51 g of healthy fats. One more important ingredient of raw egg yolk contains with healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids (38.8 mg) that is good for a healthy heart.

Egg Yolk Calories:
How much calories does 1 egg yolk contain? Egg yolk is measured to have a high-calorie stuff that largely comes from fats. A raw egg yolk provides just about 55-60 calories. It’s not a big deal…
In spite of all the things its cholesterol or fats.. The Nutrition facts proved that Egg Yolk is an excellent source of proteins and vitamins, to facilitate good health when egg yolk is consumed in moderate quantity.


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